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They are lucky to get these cars, and their engines are worth more than their shell.

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  The engine is the heart of the car, its importance is self-evident, and an engine with excellent performance in all aspects, often adopts the most excellent manufacturing technology of its own, So in today's many models, what kind of engine USES the best X technology? Buy a car to recommend a few to everybody.
Guangqi Honda fit.
Official guidance price: 7.18-11.08 million yuan.
Engine displacement: 1.5l.
Comprehensive fuel consumption: 6.4-6.6 L/km.
It has long been known as the "super-run", mainly because of the 1.5l L15B2 engine, which we often call the "earth dream engine", It has the maximum horsepower of 131Ps, which is like putting an athlete's heart into a one-ton car.
In addition, because this kind of engine used in cylinder direct injection, overhead camshaft, etc. New technology, so its fuel injection quantity is more precise and fuel more fully, not only ensures the good fuel economy, but also the engine performance of squeezing to the limit, slightly modified, became a circuit under both buy vegetables and "performance".
Dongfeng Peugeot 308
Official price: 9.97- 1597 thousand yuan.
Engine displacement: 1.2T, 1.6L, 1.6T.
Comprehensive fuel consumption: 5.1-6.1L/km.
Dongfeng Peugeot 308 has always performed well in chassis and power, especially the three-cylinder 1.2THP turbocharged jet. It the "engine" of the year award for three consecutive years, the main reason is adopted with aluminum coating composite cylinder liner, to reduce engine weight and improving the work efficiency of engines at the same time, also reduced the fuel consumption and emissions, performance is comparable to the Peugeot family 1.8 CVVT engine.
The engine also added particulate filters this year to reduce particulate emissions by more than 75 percent. Unfortunately, the design of the French car is too unique and is increasingly unpopular with the Chinese.
Chang 'an Mazda unkaila.
Official guidance price: 11.29-1629 yuan.
Engine displacement: 1.5l, 2.0l.
Comprehensive fuel consumption: 5.9-6.2L/km.
One of the great highlights of unkaila is the excellent chassis and the launch of a blue sky engine. The compression ratio of the engine is 13 to 1, which is similar to that of ferrari 458 14.5:1, and it can also add 92 gasoline to give consideration to both dynamic performance and fuel economy. In addition, the engine of the new onxera is fully loaded with the GVC system, which not only makes driving easier, but also makes the vehicle more fun to drive, which is the most sporty sedan in the same class.
Worthy of mention is that Mazda will be launched in 2018, the second generation and chi blue sky gasoline engine, the new engine fuel economy than the first generation of products increase by about 30%, and it also USES the "average pressure combustion technology, dynamic performance is improved, think are very much looking forward to.
Faw Toyota corolla double engine.
Official price: 13.78- $17.58 million.
Engine displacement: 1.8l.
Comprehensive fuel consumption: 4.2L/km.
As the king of global sales, corolla is loved by people all over the world for its balanced and comprehensive performance. The big bright spot is Toyota's distinctive dual-engine technology, which USES an equivalent amount of gasoline, about twice as long as a fuel car.
Corolla double with power system consists of a 1.8 L atkinson cycle engine + of two sets of motor, engine maximum power of 73 kw, the maximum power of the motor for 53 kw, combination, make the hundreds of kilometers of this car fuel consumption only 4.2 L, 20 to 50 km in the middle of acceleration time is 3.1 s, comparable with higher levels of the models of displacement acceleration. The system is also the world's most sophisticated hybrid system, because Toyota has already built the world's first reliable hybrid electric vehicle, the prius.