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How can you sell 10 million Honda for a new car?

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    In many people's eyes, the flying degree is just an ordinary car, used for commuting, buying food. And in the eyes of Honda fans, the flight turned into a sturdy steed, with a tail and a good hang, and it instantly became a supercharger -- GK5.    
  In many people's eyes, the flying degree is just an ordinary car, used for commuting, buying food. And in the eyes of Honda fans, the flight turned into a sturdy steed, with a tail and a good hang, and it instantly became a supercharger -- GK5. It seems to be not satisfied with the status quo, and is ready to build an SUV called wr-v, which is expected to shake up a large number of independent brands. But we did not know was that fit imperceptibly already has eight "children", car, SUV, MPV models are produced by the same platform, it is not bought "false fit" let a person feel.
  XR - V
  The xr-v's offshore version, called hr-v, was renamed to xr-v after it went into production in China. It was an SUV model developed based on the flying platform. Some changes have been made since it was put into operation at home, and the volume of the xr-v looks a bit bigger than that of the bin-chi. The configuration is still relatively thick, and the whole system is equipped with VSA vehicle stability control system and electronic handbrake, which is at least better than the flying degree.
  Bean wisdom
  If you know the xr-v, you should know that its sibling, binzhi, is a global model, and the xr-v is a Chinese version. There has been no change in appearance, car body, and power dynamics from the launch of new cars from overseas to domestic production. Although the size is slightly smaller than the xr-v, it has four models, and xr-v does not.
  Feng fei
  Feng fan started from the 4th generation and Shared the chassis with the flying degree, inherits the space advantage of the flying degree, and also has a certain promotion, which makes feng fan jump to the line of compact cars. However, feng fan is not so perfect, the bad habit of "stingy" is also continued, the configuration is relatively backward, compared with the opponent is not competitive. If fengfan can be more sincere in the configuration, he will be more popular.
  Elder brother,
This is gori? Isn't this feng fan? Believe that many people have been "who is gori, who is feng? Indeed, elder brother feng fei and the difference between the two is too small, the appearance of the two cars modelling are very close to the outside, and the price and the configuration about the same, so some abnormal consumers when buying a car. In fact, there are some differences in the configuration of the two cars. If you have enough money, you can buy feng fan.
  If you don't have enough elder brother, fashion and personality, Honda will come to you to build a version of a movement, a sta version of the elder brother was born, and are too lazy to think of another name, called race, simply pick it up. No matter how individual appearance, slip back or sport, it is a flying car. Many of these consumers can bear it, but the two-car auction price is more expensive than the three cars, and it's a bully.
  Ling sent
  Ling is also a new model based on the flying platform and one of the Honda's China cars. If you have a bad taste in feng, and the space is small, that is for you. Although ling sent a lot of big size, also meet the national pursuit of large space, but not on the dynamic inheritance fit earth dreams on the engine, configuration and the work is little also, and the fare of thousands. The big space is bigger. Is it so expensive?
  WR - V
  Even though Honda already has a small SUV market that is already in the market, it is still not enough. The wr-v is about to come in, and recently it was heard that there might be a domestic product, and what is the purpose of Honda? In terms of appearance, the chassis is correspondingly higher compared with the flying degree. If it is a brand new SUV, it is better to say the Cross version of flying degree!
  Freed is undoubtedly the MPV version of the flying degree, and has experienced a lot overseas, from the first generation of sales to the second generation of Freed to turn the situation. Of course, a new design element was adopted, and the appearance became more Honda, and the new hybrid technology developed by Honda was added to power. However, given the domestic demand for MPV for large space, it is estimated that the car will not be made domestically.
  You might be surprised, why is flying so "raw"? Have to say that Honda very understand China transport demand, know only fit a model can not survive long, just make a few more lift car out to choose from, and have now this eight different formative model. If Honda has been making changes to the length and height of the vehicle through the flying platform, people will be tired of it, and then it will be over.